Industrial Cleaning

Commercial Industrial Cleaning

Commercial industrial cleaning is an important part of maintaining the hygiene of a commercial establishment. It encompasses numerous services including carpet cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning, floor cleaning and sanitation, full building cleaning, glass roof cleaning, graffiti removal, gutter clearance as well as repair, high access window cleaning, high pressure steam cleaning and UPVC cleaning.

Industrial cleaning – The UK Commercial Cleaning Services

The UK Commercial Cleaning Services is a company that offers to do all these commercial industrial cleaning tasks for you. The company was founded in the year 2004 and was the brainchild of a nineteen year old person called Tony Earnshaw who bought and then transformed a locally operated company and through his grit as well as determination created a company that has become very successful.

Carpet cleaning

Among the commercial industrial cleaning services offered by this company, commercial carpet cleaning is one of the more important services. Carpeting is widely used in most commercial establishments and this carpeting tends to get dirty on account of heavy traffic over it. People judge an establishment according to its cleanliness which is why you need the best carpet cleaning services to keep things perfectly clean.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Deep kitchen cleaning is also one of the more important commercial industrial cleaning services that are required by the leading UK based pubs, hotels and restaurants. The UK Commercial Cleaning Services is able to clean everything and restore the kitchen back to its original state and will clean up the canopies, filters, extractor fans as well as deep fat fryers, grills, floors, tiles, fridges and ovens and have them smelling like roses with all germs removed.

Floor cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning and sanitation services are another important aspect of commercial industrial cleaning. The UK Commercial Cleaning Services company makes use of latest equipment and technology and uses vacuum cleaners, detergents, water pressure and heat which when combined properly will deeply clean and sanitize your establishment.

Full Building cleaning

The company also offers packages to fully clean and sanitizes entire buildings and will clean up after the completion of renovations works as well as helps maintenance and construction companies remove the dirt and debris from their sites.

Glass roof cleaning

The company also offers to do glass roof cleaning which is an important part of modern commercial industrial cleaning. The company employs teams of professionals who know how to clean up glass roofs in a professional, safe and economic manner.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal is an important part of modern commercial industrial cleaning services. The company makes use of chemicals that are safe and absolutely bio-degradable and will bring any surface back to its pristine and original condition.

Gutter clearance and repairs

Gutter cleaning and repairs are other important aspects of commercial industrial cleaning – both in a commercial building as well as in domestic buildings. The company will unblock clogged and blocked gutters, flushes down pipes and will unblock your drains and also fix leaks as well as perform flood tests on all your gutters.

In addition to these services, the UK Commercial Cleaning company will also handle your High Pressure Steam Cleaning works, UPVC cleaning and Extractor hood and ductwork cleaning as well as take care of flood and fire restoration work.

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