Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Agents

Industrial cleaning agents need to be strong and should be able to strip away dirt and debris and other substances that are hard to remove with normal cleaning products. In addition, these industrial cleaning agents need to be safe and they should also be eco-friendly. A good example of these industrial cleaning agents, the water based degreaser serves many useful purposes. The degreaser is usually highly concentrated and so needs to be diluted with water before it can be used.

Industrial cleaning - degreaser

Once applied, the degreaser will cut light oils as well as greases with a lot ease. It should not be dangerous and it should also not be inflammable.

Water based agents

There are also water based industrial cleaning agents that can perform many useful functions. These are very alkaline agents that contain a lot of sodium hydroxide as well as strong detergents and certain specially formulated coupling agents. The good part about using such industrial cleaning agents is that they contain some fresh and alluring scents but are neither suitable for use with soft metals and they can also be quite corrosive.

Cleaning concrete

If you need to clean concrete or you are in need of floor cleaner products then you will need to pick industrial cleaning agents that are able to penetrate deeply into the concrete so that they are able to remove all oils as well as miscellaneous substances. These industrial cleaning agents contain solvents, detergents as well as other kinds of ingredients that will easily pull out residues from the pores in the concrete. Before use, these industrial cleaning agents should be diluted with water.

Remove PCBs

There are other industrial cleaning agents that are water based chemicals that are ideal for removing PCBs as well as miscellaneous solvents. These industrial cleaning agents contain a strong blend of various ingredients that can easily strip a PCB from a metal surface. If you allow the agent to soak overnight the results will be even better. They can also be used to reduce color values for a tank wall and can also penetrate deeply into the walls to extract the chemicals from there. These agents are corrosive; so, handle them with care.

You should also look for industrial cleaning agents that are able to penetrate deep into the pores in metal surfaces from where they should be able to remove the residues. These agents contain solvents, acids as well as detergents but their use will ensure that there is less need to steam the tanks. These agents are perfect for use in tanks as well as in product transfer lines.

Using solvent based chemical cleaning as well as stripping industrial cleaning agents is also recommended. However, be sure to use only those agents that are absolutely biodegradable and which contain only natural terpene solvents. These agents are also known to give off a pleasant odor that reminds you of oranges. These agents can cut sludge, tar, heavy lube oils, creosote, latex, sealants and certain resins. They are combustible; so, again they should be used very carefully.

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