Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Equipments

These days, there are a variety of industrial cleaning equipments to choose from. There are vacuums, carpet care equipments and floor machines as well as scrubber dryers and sweepers that you will want to use in order to clean out your industrial facilities. In addition, you will also want to think about using industrial cleaning equipments such as litter vacuums and janitorial items.

Industrial cleaning – experience counts

It is important to purchase and/or hire your industrial cleaning equipments from a company that has long years of experience in providing the best and widest range of advanced industrial cleaning equipments. The company that you deal with must be customer focused and must provide innovation in their services and products. They should also be setting the standards for the industrial cleaning industry.


In regard to industrial cleaning equipments like vacuums you will come across a number of options. There are some excellent vacuums that bear the name of Minuteman. These industrial cleaning equipments have dual motors and are powerful MPV (multi-purpose vacuum) vacuums that are lightweight and which have larger bag capacity which ensures that you get longer as well as more effective cleaning power.

Carpet cleaning equipment

There are different industrial cleaning equipments for carpet cleaning. The Minuteman Gotcha! Carpet cleaning equipments are designed to handle spot removal as well as carpet maintenance. These equipments are very maneuverable and efficient and they are also very powerful and provide hassle-free single-person operations.

Floor machines

Floor machines are important items of industrial cleaning equipments. These products are engineered to provide superior and unmatchable performance and they provide exceptional dust control. The Minuteman Lumina 20 Battery Burnisher is an excellent item of equipment that uses the Minuteman patented Passive Air Management System (PAMS) for providing superior dust control.

Scrubber Dryers are items of industrial cleaning equipments that serve a very important purpose. These equipments are compact as well as very versatile and they excel in cleaning up virtually every different kind of hard floors. The Port a Scrub is an excellent example of these industrial cleaning equipments and it is able to clean up practically any kind of hard floor including vinyl floors, concrete, hardwood and much more.

Sweepers are industrial cleaning equipments that are widely used in industrial settings. These equipments are perfect for quick as well as efficient sweeping. The Kleen Sweep 27 is a perfect example of these industrial cleaning equipments and is a perfect option for those who wish to sweep a machine shop, park, stockroom and even a small yard as well as a parking area.

Litter vacuums are items of industrial cleaning equipments that can perform a variety of tasks. They are also powerful and versatile and they are also durable and are excellent single-operator machines that can clean up turf as well as hard surfaces.

For all these items of industrial cleaning equipments, be sure to check out the company called ICE. This company has over four decades of experience in providing the best industrial cleaning equipments. They also offer round the clock and seven days a week customer service and will repair or even replace your equipment should they start to malfunction.

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