Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Machines

Ride-on and pedestrian scrubber driers are important industrial cleaning machines that can be used to good effect to clean up a number of surfaces including hardwood flooring, ceramic floor tiles and bare as well as printed concrete and even marble flooring and terra 330 flooring. These industrial cleaning machines are perfect for clearing up of floor surfaces that also need to be dried out quickly to ensure that nobody slips or has an accident on a wet surface.

Industrial cleaning – pedestrian scrubber driers

Pedestrian scrubber driers are available in widths of 38 centimeters as well as up to 80 centimeters. These industrial cleaning machines are used in contract cleaning jobs, hospitality industry, and health care and in light manufacturing as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing.



Ride-on scrubber driers

Ride-on scrubber driers are available in widths ranging from 34 centimeters to 120 centimeters and are used in contract cleaning, manufacturing, warehouses and in transportation and a few other industries as well.

Floor sweepers

Floor sweepers are industrial cleaning machines that are available as pedestrian and ride-on models. The pedestrian sweeper is generally driven by battery or mechanical power and is excellent for powerful cleaning as well as advanced dust control.

Ride-on sweepers are powered up by LPG or diesel or even by batteries and are also well suited for advanced dust control as well as powerful sweeping.

Pressure Washers

When checking out industrial cleaning machines such as pressure washers there are three main options available. One is the cold water pressure washer which is powerful and is used in various ways including for agriculture, food manufacturing, and construction and transport industries. Hot water pressure washers are suitable for virtually every application in industries and also in transport and agricultural sectors. Stationary pressure washers are used wherever there is need for extra high standard of hygiene such as in slaughterhouses, kitchens and in the food processing industry.

Vacuum cleaners are common industrial cleaning machines. The leaf and litter vacuum is useful for cleaning up warehouses and distribution centers as well as for manufacturing and production facilities. Tub and upright vacuum cleaners are used for dry industrial vacuuming and also for wide area vacuuming and more. Health and safety vacuum cleaners are used for industrial cleaning of machinery, hard floors and for cleaning vehicles as well as vessels.

There are separate industrial cleaning machines for cleaning carpets. These machines can be operated on mains power as well as are battery operated and are very useful in cleaning offices, municipal facilities as well as healthcare establishments.

Polishers/burnishers are important industrial cleaning machines that are used to produce the wet and glossy finish and also to help extend the life of a floor finish. These items are mainly used in hospitals, public areas, educational establishments as well as markets and even shopping malls and bus/air terminals.

There are also certain items of specialist industrial cleaning machines that one should learn about. Escalator cleaners are a good example. These can be used to vacuum away debris and are widely used in department stores, air/rail and bus terminals as well as in shopping centers as well as large office blocks. Floor scarifiers are used to clean out stubborn contamination that is impregnated itself. These industrial cleaning machines are used in factories and in production centers. Steam cleaners are industrial cleaning machines that help to clean up food manufacturing facilities as well as food preparation areas.


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