Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Product

It is important to choose the right industrial cleaning product for a particular industrial cleaning job. If it is degreasing that is required, then it makes sense to pick the best industrial degreaser. Typically, this product is one that is water based and which is also a cleaner that also must be biodegradable. It should also be powerful and versatile and ideally it should also be a degreaser that has been formulated to ensure that it is capable of cleaning all kinds of surfaces and with minimal effort as well.

Industrial cleaning – industrial degreaser

A good industrial degreaser is one that is able to easily dissolve the grease, soot, grime and oil that are found on a hard surface and on plastic as well as metal and even on different kinds of fabrics. This is an important industrial cleaning product that must be formulated with the right detergents, emulsifiers as well as wetting agents and it should also contain a solvent that is water soluble.

Applied anywhere

The right industrial degreaser is one that can be applied in any place including in heavy engineering works as well as in food preparation areas. It should also be an industrial cleaning product that can easily be applied by mopping, brushing and spraying at low and even high temperatures and it should be capable of doing its work in a dip tank as well.

Chemical content

The chemical in this industrial cleaning product should do the required work in different areas including kitchens, garages, patios, forecourts and even on various machineries, equipment as well as engine parts. It is however an industrial cleaning product that is highly concentrated and must be diluted with water.

Being biodegradable, it will be devoid of any dangerous chemicals and so is an industrial cleaning product that will be safe to use. It is also non-inflammable and is eco-friendly as well. It can be used on concrete, fabrics, metals as well as on plastics.


A good descaler is another important industrial cleaning product. This is a product that can be used to help in removing scale, rust as well as staining from stones, metals and tiles. This is an industrial cleaning product that must provide the best and most effective cleaning action. It should be devoid of all solvents and at the same time needs to be economical to use.

When picking such an industrial cleaning product, be sure to check that it does not contain corrosion inhibitors and it should be very effective in dissolving rust as well as scale. Removing scale and rust from machinery requires a good and strong descaler which should be dissolved in water. Next, it should be applied with a brush or even a low pressure sprayer.

After spraying this industrial cleaning product, allow a few minutes to pass during which time it will do its work. After some time, rinse the surface in a thorough manner and be sure to use water liberally.

However, this is an industrial cleaning product that is not designed for use with chrome, anodized aluminum, stainless steel or brass. It can however be used on concrete.

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