Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Supplies

In a warehouse and also in manufacturing plants there will be certain products that need to be used daily as well as for emergency situations. Such products are generally those that are not used in everyday household cleaning. In fact, industrial cleaning supplies, in many instances, are much more stringent as well as require training before they can be used safely and properly.

Industrial cleaning – stronger products

Industrial cleaning supplies happen to be stronger and many times are also very acidic in order to get rid of dyes as well as adhesives that are used in the manufacturing process. Before employees are entrusted with the task of using industrial cleaning supplies, they will need to first be trained in the safe and proper use of such industrial cleaning supplies. The employees will be asked to attend classes where they will be taught how to make proper use of cleansers that are especially strong.


The federal government has also put into place certain regulations regarding use of certain kinds of industrial cleaning chemicals and the distributors will need to log the names of the inventory that they have purchased as well as sold. The janitorial staff must also make absolutely sure that the industrial cleaning supplies are handled safely and properly.

Use very carefully

There are certain items such as brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops, dusters and even dry/wet vacuums that need to be used very carefully because in an industrial cleaning job there is need for stronger cleaning work. Vinyl, latex, nitrile, work gloves and powder free are just some of the most common items of industrial cleaning supplies.

Conforms to OSHA regulations

These industrial cleaning supplies must also be used in conformance to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations that are enforced in industrial environments. The OSHA provides guidelines for different cleaning procedures and the right way to handle chemicals as well as the proper way of dealing with toxic chemical spillages as well as the right way to clean up.

Breathing masks, respirators, eye protection, heavy-duty gloves and hard hats are basic items of industrial cleaning supplies that are commonly used for industrial cleaning. Rubber mats are also considered to be part of industrial cleaning supplies and are mainly used to prevent the cleaners from slipping and falling in places where there is a chance that chemicals might leak onto the ground and in doing so can prevent proper traction.

These mats will be slowly destroyed by chemicals and when they have been destroyed, they will then need to be replaced with new ones. To prevent slipping from water that flows onto the floor, there is need to make use of especially heavy-duty mats which have flow-through drainage properties.

Special extra absorbent products, solvents, detergents, window cleaning chemicals, floor waxes and regular toilet cleaning items are also categorized as being items of industrial cleaning supplies. Today, the modern industrial cleaning supplies industry has evolved considerably and newer products are being introduced that are making things much safer for those who are entrusted with the task of doing industrial cleaning work. These products are also much more eco-friendly and so are much more affable as well.

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