Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Systems

There are several important industrial cleaning systems that each can do a good job in a special way. These industrial cleaning systems include dry ice blasters, parts cleaning, industrial vacuums, stationary high pressure units as well as water recycling systems. It is important to find the right and innovative industrial cleaning systems to eliminate all contaminants.

Industrial cleaning - Dry ice blasters

Industrial cleaning systems such as dry ice blasters play a very important role in cleaning up surfaces in the gentlest and most effect manner. They make use of dry ice pellets which serve as abrasives.

Parts cleaning

It is important to use the best industrial cleaning systems to take care of parts cleaning. Parts cleaning industrial cleaning systems are perfect for eliminating oil and grease. It is important to use industrial cleaning systems that are environmentally friendly and which make use of water based cleaning agents. These industrial cleaning systems can clean tools and engine components as well as other individual parts in a safe and effective manner.

Industrial vacuums

Industrial vacuums are industrial cleaning systems that can be used for different applications. These industrial cleaning systems make use of high suction power and with the right dry or wet vacuum cleaner it is possible to remove fluids as well as combustible dust on your industrial premises.

There are two options available for such industrial cleaning systems. The first is the single phase version in which dry and wet vacuum cleaners that run on single-phase current can effectively take care of all your cleaning needs. There is also the three-phase version in which the industrial cleaning systems run on three-phase electricity and will never tire out. These systems are meant for continuous cleaning operations such as for three shift operations.

Stationary high pressure units

Stationary high pressure units are industrial cleaning systems that help you to clean up several places at one time. These industrial cleaning systems are perfectly suited for regular cleaning work and for performing disinfection work. These systems are also well suited for cleaning vehicles as well as machines and they are also widely used in the hygiene and food industries.

There are separate industrial cleaning systems for ensuring oil free wash water. These environmentally friendly industrial cleaning systems are economical and are ideal for wastewater as these treatment systems are able to help in saving up to eighty percent of fresh water and seventy percent of the cleaning agent used in vehicle washing plants as well as high pressure cleaners.

All these industrial cleaning systems are available in the UK at a company called Karcher. This UK based company has been involved in preserving historic monuments and has experienced sustained growth over many decades. It is a company that is innovative and this is one factor that has helped it to become such a big company.

Karcher is a company that is dedicated to providing high quality industrial cleaning systems and it uses the best technologies and is a leading provider of the best cleaning systems, products as well as services for industry, trade and household needs.

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