Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning UK

The Industrial Cleaning Service is an excellent industrial cleaning UK company. It is actually a specialized division of The Cleaning Services Group which in turn dedicates itself to offering a wide range of industrial cleaning services to customers from all parts of the UK.

Industrial cleaning – deep cleans, etc.

This industrial cleaning UK company is able to provide industrial cleaning solutions for deep cleans, chiller rooms, plant rooms, warehouses, factories, garages and manufacturing units as well as much more. This is why they have become the first choice industrial cleaning UK company.



Specialist industrial cleaning teams

There are several good reasons to choose this industrial cleaning UK company. For one, they employ a host of specialist industrial cleaning teams that work in almost every part of the United Kingdom and each member of these teams is thoroughly trained and very experienced. They are capable of handling every conceivable kind of industrial cleaning work.

Handles jobs with precision and care

Whether it is degreasing of hard floors or even if it is necessary to dust down the ducting or if you need aluminum cladding cleaning or even guttering; this industrial cleaning UK company can handle the task with care and precision. In fact, this industrial cleaning UK company can also take care of cleaning of windows/brickwork and they can clean individual units as well as an entire industrial estate.

Well trained cleaners

This industrial cleaning UK company employs industrial cleaners that are trained to work from scissor lifts, Cherry Pickers and even from scaffolding towers. Each such cleaner is qualified with IPAF certification. In addition, the cleaners are also trained to use all kinds of industrial cleaning equipment including scrubber driers, pressure washers, steam cleaners and rotary buffers.

This industrial cleaning UK also understands the importance of Health and Safety and has their own H&S team that is able to create method statements and Risk assessments for particular worksites which are suited to address the needs of individual clients and their special projects.

Besides the highly trained cleaners, this industrial cleaning UK company also makes use of a network of specialist firms that do all kinds of industrial cleaning works. From cleaning escalators to providing commercial kitchen deep cleaning to cleaning ventilators to natural stone care; every job can be taken care of to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

The Industrial Cleaning Service is one of the leading industrial cleaning UK companies that employs authorized subcontractors as well as partners to take up works from different parts of the UK. These subcontractors will handle the industrial cleaning work with the same dedication and commitment to quality as does the Industrial Cleaning Service.

These qualities have helped to make the Industrial Cleaning Service a top industrial cleaning UK company. It is also a first choice for those that need to have various industrial locations spread over different parts of the UK  cleaned by a trustworthy and qualified industrial cleaning UK company.

The Industrial Cleaning Service will ensure that each of their clients will be provided with the same high level of service as they would expect from the best industrial cleaning UK company. Whether you need to get industrial cleaning work in London, Birmingham or Manchester or even Newcastle, the Industrial Cleaning Service is certainly the right company for the job.

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